Paintless Dent Repair. Straightening dents on the vehicle, due to storm hail and parking damage, WITHOUT the use of filler and paint.
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About us

The technicians of "DSPAUTO" have undergone specialized and continuous training in France for several months and perfected their profession for 1-2 years; Experience, gained for 10 years in the workshops and platforms in the world famous car brands in Europe, USA and Africa..

The nature of work is, that the repair works are carried out with specially hardened tools tailored for any holes and hits on the car body.

The most common damages to the passenger compartment of the vehicle and subsequently their removal are: storm hail, parking damage, hit by small stones, household waste, tree branches, vandalism and other dents. The technology allows rapid repair damage to the car in a very short time of 30 to 45 minutes per hole caused by hit, and up to 1 day for vehicles injured by a storm hail.